04 March 2012

Thrown to the Wolves

Today brings us the exciting conclusion to yesterday's crispy, crunchy review-style snack treat:

Burrito Bison Revenge: Once You Pop, the Tedium Don't Stop - Part Two

If you've played the game or read the review, you know it doesn't take much skill or concentration to play. I would start a round, build up a little momentum, leave the room to prepare a tasty meal, and come back to find the round still going with no input from me.

I found other ways to remain productive while consciously wasting my time, but eventually I had to find some way to keep myself entertained while playing - not the best sign of a fun game - and used the opportunity to catch up this week's 30 Rock.

My congratulations to the nerds writing that show - I was impressed enough by the casual references to mainstream games like Mass Effect 3 and Grand Theft Auto in a network sitcom, but a nod to a controversial gag from a geeky Web comic based on video game culture? Way to go deep.