12 September 2012

Escape From the Lavy

There was not a proper update yesterday because I spent my afternoon walking across town to pick up free a guitar. And what better way to test out a new axe than with melancholy covers of Sonic the Hedgehog songs?

I was hoping to have two updates ready today, but scheduling gets a little hard to predict when you start recording music and video. I've planned for a week of Dreamcast music, though, and all the songs I picked will make it onto Hot Lavy in as timely a manner as reality allows.

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that my plans for today's embarrassing Dreamcast Music update have been rudely disrupted.

The bad news is you're getting double updates tomorrow.

While I'd hate to waste one of the bet Dreamcast songs on a half-hearted update, I'd feel terrible if you traveled all the to Hot Lavy for Dreamcast tunes and left empty-handed, so I'm going to spend a few minutes browsing YouTube for music from games I haven't played as a consolation...

This is a cool background track from Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future entitled "Dolphin's Intrigue." It's not the kind of music that demands your attention, but there's certainly a lot going on if you want to pick it apart, especially in the instrumentation. There are so many sounds here that don't typically go together. I think I can hear a sitar, an organ, and something that sounds oddly similar to the Dreamcast start-up, just to name a few.

...And that's all I have. I was really hoping to blow some minds by discovering a secretly-wonderful song from PenPen TriIceLon or Floigan Bros. or something, but, nope, it appears those games have terrible music.

I'll do something extra stupid tomorrow, I swear.