14 April 2012

Saturday Supplemental - Fun Pass

The Wind Waker Concept Art
I've played enough video games that I have to hesitate before calling any game the best anything, but... Wind Waker is the best-looking game ever made. Here's a huge collection of concept art, much of which is sketchy and unfinished because it's concept art and you don't need beautiful, gallery-quality paintings to explore concepts. Take some notes of the process, publishers and developers.

Cutscenes Aren't A Failure State
Thanks, Jim Sterling, for articulating my opinions in shout-y Internet videos!

Commodore founder Jack Tramiel passes away
The biggest news of the week. Thanks for everything, Jack!

Box vs. Box
A Tumblr page comparing Japanese boxart with the American equivalent with a new entry every day. I've seen a thousand one-off articles that make the same comparisons, but putting it in the format of daily entries is one of those beautifully obvious ideas that makes me crazy jealous that I didn't think of it.

Dev says lack of focus makes for bad games

9-year-old's DIY cardboard arcade gets flashmobbed
Cute! Clever! This is an adorable story that ends with one of the lamest flashmobs I've ever seen, but the rest is nice. (Sent to me by my older sister. Thanks, Jaime!)

Super Mario Advance 4 - ALL Exclusive Features in World-e
I'd heard that the eReader-enhanced Game Boy Advance port of Mario 3 was the definitive version, but I had no idea it was this insane. Probably the coolest ROM-hack I've ever seen, and it's an official Nintendo release. Totally crazy.

Q&A: Mega Man Creator Wants Japan to Admit Failure
Nope, I'm still not tired of hearing Inafking complain about modern Japanese game development. I wish America had a high-profile counterpart.

OP-ED: Where Do Gamers Draw the Line Between Creator and Creation?
Smart and challenging writing that makes me uncomfortable and doesn't offer any easy answers. Yay!

100 Games Cupcake Game
On the opposite end of the spectrum, here are some cupcakes decorated to resemble 100 different games. This gallery is two years old, but it's new to me.

Videogames Can’t Afford to Cost This Much
I don't like GameStop, but any publisher or developer who uses used games as an excuse for their game's poor sales is just being lazy. Anyone who sacrifices quality and features in the name of combating used games sales should get out of the entertainment business right now.

Is this fun yet?