07 April 2012

Saturday Supplemental - Everything Free in America

Dragon Quest x Google Maps: 8-bit Google Maps for NES!
If you have an Internet connection, and I'm betting you do, there's a good chance you've already seen Google's 2012 April Fool's Day gag. While the "Quest" maps are no longer active, this video is certainly worth your time if you missed it last weekend.

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’: Best Games of 2011
This is the best kind of HAWP episode - fast, funny, and far more insightful than a silly sketch about two people arguing over video games has any right to be. I'm going to be quoting Ash's line from the end of this one for a long time. (Bonus: The first new HAWPcast in months.)

Gridiron Solitaire!
Bill Harris announces his first game, a combination solitaire/football game. As I've said before on this very site, football is man's most boring creation, but after years of reading Bill's writing about both life and games, I can't wait to see the fruits of this passion project. Plus, it was inspired solitaire/golf hybrid Fairway Solitaire, which managed to be great despite its golf roots.

MolyJam Game Archive System
A depository of over 300 games made at last weekend's "What Would Molydeux?" gamejam. I haven't even begun to sort through these, but expect to hear more about this in an upcoming Sunday Free Game.

Electronic Arts named worst company in America, reacts to news
That headline isn't referring to video game companies. That's out of all companies in America. I'm glad to see The Consumerist challenging EA, but America's worst company? Are they kidding?

Grasshopper's Suda on Lollipop Chainsaw and the new media landscape
More questionable statements about the landscape of American business, but this time they're coming from Suda51, and that guy is the best.

Parenting Is Not an Escort Mission
Joel Goodwin lambastes game developers for the lazy way parenting is depicted in games, and offers alternatives.

For a small fee in America.