30 March 2012

...These Are the Days of OnLive

And so, as quickly as it arrived, OnLive Week is coming to a close, but I expect that some day there will be more OnLive coverage here on Hot Lavy. One week wasn't nearly enough to discuss everything, and more games are being added all the time.

If I could pick just one game to add to the OnLive catalogue, it would probably be Oni or something, because, dude, I friggin' love Oni, but if I were to pick one game that would help OnLive as a business, I think it would be Madden.

Personally, there's nothing that bores me like football, and football video games aren't much better, but this isn't about me. There are thousands, maybe millions of people who buy video game consoles solely so they can play the latest Madden each year. Combine that audience with the theoretical future version of OnLive I envisioned yesterday, and you have the biggest thing to happen to video games since a little green pig gave a bird the finger.

A console-perfect version of Madden that you can post on your friend's Facebook Wall, or pull up on the company computer in your cubicle during your lunch break? That changes everything. Just like on TV, they could put in commercial breaks after every few plays and make it free-to-play. Roster tweaks and other upgrades could be integrated without players having to download anything. You could save and send replays (complete with interactive camera controls) that could be played on anything with an Internet connection and a screen.

This... this needs to happen.

(And then they should add Oni.)