31 March 2012

Saturday Supplemental - Subsistence

Anna Anthropy turns a personal struggle into a heartfelt game
Hey, weren't we just talking about that lady?

Kojima gets yelled at for pushing boundaries, but enjoys it
I may not care much for Metal Gear (Metal Gear!?), but I absolutely respect Hideo Kojima being a crazy person. Rock on, you movie-loving madman!

Videogames Politely Invade Smithsonian Art Museum
Some people say video games aren't art. (Wrong.) Some people say video games don't need recognition from the establishment. (Right, but maybe missing the point.) Now, here's Chris Kohler with the correct perspective.

Sticking the Landing
What? A discussion about Lost and Mass Effect 3, and I'm interested? It's not April Fool's Day yet, is it?

How Grand Theft Auto Jacked the House of Lords
One of several excerpts from a new book about Grand Theft Auto published on Wired this week.

Jimquisition: Konami
Konami was in my top five publishers for ages. What happened? I don't think I've played a good Konami game since Elebits (which was incredible, to be fair).

NightSky dev on Japanese game critics, ditching the term 'indie'
More Konami bashing! With two paragraphs dedicated to Kojima! I first read this article on Wednesday, and I honestly about that part until skimming it again just now. It's thematically fitting, though.

Australian capital receives R18+ classification for video games
What a grown-up move from the Australian government! Australia deserves two smiley stickers for this. (And a third if it can use the big-boy potty all by itself.)

Ubisoft - Don't buy companies for brands

Games 'would've died as a fad' if it weren't for 80s crash
If history is any guide, I'd say we're due for another mini-crash fairly soon. A few years, tops.

The '90s Revisited
Finally, in a week of downer links, here's a feel-good feature. The awesome dudes and dudettes at 1UP have produced twelve articles and charticles about video games of the 90s. Even if characters like Radical Rex and Socket the Duck make you wanna blow chunks, this retrospective is da bomb. But don't take my word for it!

Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaake!