03 March 2012


I adore bad ideas.

Is it a good idea to spend the first six paragraphs of a game review musing about processed snack foods? Absolutely not!

We'll get to the good ideas - consumer-targeted reviews of big-budget games, hot-button news topics, thoughtful discussions of intellectual matters - but I wanted to kick off the site with something dumb and trivial.

Burrito Bison Revenge: Once You Pop, the Tedium Don't Stop

The plate tectonics are shifting and this site begins is sputtering out of my head at last. It's too early to accurately guess what shape it will take when it finally cools, but I know what I hope:

If you already love video games, then I hope this site reminds you why. If video games aren't your cup of tea, I hope this site changes your mind, or at least helps you find an appreciation for the medium.

Taken as a whole, video games a dumb and trivial and bad and good and brilliant and important and beautiful and hideous. They're all of this and more, and I love them.

Let the eruption commence.

Welcome to Hot Lavy.

- Jake

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