24 March 2012

Saturday Supplemental - Wings of Wax

Making of a Myth: The Grueling Development of the Original Kid Icarus
The original Kid Icarus sure is a likeable game, despite not being any fun to play. The reason: It was made almost entirely by one guy who didn't have time to finish it.

So here's a bill to put warning labels on videogames

Disney Epic Mickey 2 Exists, is a Musical
Epic Mickey 2? Don't care. An action game that's also musical? Eeeee!! I've tried to convince people to let me make a musical game before, and you wouldn't believe the resistance I encountered. That Disney is willing to invest millions of dollars in an experiment like this is a huge deal.

One Year Later: The Tragedy and Triumph of 3DS
As a poor person, I still don't have a 3DS, and that's increasingly upsetting.

A lot has been said about Kickstarter recently - I'm working on an article of my own - but when Bill Harris has opinions about a hot topic, they're usually worth reading.

Inafune: The Hope of the Japanese Industry?
Thank you, Inafune, for your willingness to be the bad guy.

Kid Icarus' Soundtrack is Better than You Think
I thought it was pretty great, already, but it really is better on the Famicom Disk System.

I'm finished!

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