21 April 2012

Saturday Supplemental - Back From the Dead!

 John Cleese on Creativity
This is not directly about video games, and it's maybe a few decades old, but it's about creativity, which is timeless and encompasses games. If you are involved with making games, please, please watch this. If you're not, watch it anyway, unless you hate listening to smart, funny people say smart, funny things.

Al Lowe on the leisure, the suit, and the Larry
I never get tired of hearing about the old days at Sierra. Plus, Al Lowe seems like a swell guy. This interview gets the Hot Lavy Seal of Approval.

Playing Saints Row and The Witcher on Facebook Works Surprisingly Well
The future is arriving even more quickly than I predicted.

The secret to a strong tutorial: Make it fun!
You don't actually need to read the article. I just like that ideas like this are so radical that they can make the front page of Gamasutra. Fun video games? Ha!

Star Command Demonstrates How Quickly Kickstarter Funding Can Disappear
You mean an easy solution to a difficult problem isn't as perfect and foolproof as people think?

Why the Halo Movie Failed to Launch
You mean Microsoft is arrogant?

It Came From the Molyjam: Peter Molyneux
I give Molyneux a hard time on this site, but, as a person, I like him. Most of the articles written about him these days seem to revolve around isolated quotes, which are easy to mock. This, however, is a lovely chat with the man, and for once he isn't trying to promote an overly ambitious game, and he isn't being monitored by Microsoft PR. Just a passionate, eccentric guy talking about his love of games. This is the Molyneux I like best, even if he's not as funny as Mr. "I hate buttons."

Wise fwom youw gwave!

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