05 May 2012

Saturday Supplemental - The End Is Near

Surviving the Bloodbath: Perspectives on Our Industry's Cycles
The booms and crashes of the video game industry. This would be an astute (but controversial) talk if it were given today. That it was presented at the 1997 GDC is incredible. It's also incredibly sad that the industry at large hasn't managed to accept these simple, economical facts fifteen years later. (Skip the second half, when he starts taking audience questions - the audio quality is poor, and the questions/tirades are mostly off-topic.)

With the App Store flooded, is partnering with a publisher becoming necessary?
At least Trip Hawkins is smartly realistic.

Talking to Women about Videogames: Gamer Cred
So much to love about this video and article. Except the, uh, entire inciting incident. Goodness, "gamers" are an embarrassing bunch.

The best Wii games you didn’t play, handpicked by industry pros
A good reminder of the Wii games I still need to seek, and a good reminder of how many fantastic Wii games undersold - this list barely scratches the surface. It's also a good spread of  "industry pros" - from Alex Neuse to Bill Trinen.

Ryan Goes Overboard
I might have to go to a game jam at some point. Can't wait to see the conclusion of this story.

The Worst Things for Sale: Civilization, The Board Game
This site, in which Drew from Toothpaste for Dinner describes the worst things for sale, is so good. Other video game-related entries include Woodcutter Simulator and some Angry Birds nonsense.

Jimquisition: Better Does Not Mean Good
A lesson which extends beyond the Internet and video games (but we should apply it to the Internet and video games.

The Top 10 Things The Game Industry Can Learn from Film Production
I vehemently disagree with much of this article, and yet other parts could not be more poignant. Pre-production, post-production, paid overtime, strong direction - we need these things.

Don't Assume Players Are Stupid
The exact opposite of what we were taught in game design school, which is why I don't put much stock in the things I was taught in game design school.

Report: Microsoft to Sell Xbox 360 For $99 With Two-Year Contract
I'm not sure yet what I think about this, but it's noteworthy that it's happening.

Op-Ed: Android Piracy Is Huge Problem for Game Devs
The conversation surrounding piracy is one that's typically slanted and passionate. This is refreshingly level-headed. Even better, it's all backed up by numbers and facts.

The Collapse of Free Radical Design
TimeSplitters 2 turns ten this year, which reminds me that it's been about ten years since Free Radical released a great game. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say since they were allowed to make a good game. TimeSplitters 2 is probably my favourite first-person shooter ever, which makes this all the more bittersweet.

Before they Were Stars - Video Game Edition
Ha! Paul Rudd, Jane Krakowski, and other now-famous people in decades-old video game commercials.

Why 'ninja' developer Tose published its first game in 32 years
Tose is one of the world's most fascinating companies. I'll read any article written about it.

'EA Indie Bundle' ruffles feathers
Dear "indie" community: Please get over yourselves.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Video Games Cause Violence
Tee hee hee.

Stock up on bottled water, just in case.

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