17 March 2012

Saturday Links: At Least Until I Think of a More Clever Title

Missing Songs in Jet Set Radio-HD Shows Need for Game Preservation Movement
Embarrassing. To an outsider, this may not seem like a big deal, but anyone who's played the re-release of Crazy Taxi will tell you otherwise.

Strange Mario designs didn't almost make Super Mario 3D Land, says director
It seems Koichi Hayashida is a hilarious jokester. The phrasing of his quote is adorable!

Welcome to the #molyjam2012
A game jam based on the insane ideas of a Peter Molyneux imposter's Twitter feed. This is a real event that is really happening. This is amazing.

What Happened to Gaming's "Middle Class?"
The dissolution of the middle class might be the worst trend in video games today. I'm glad someone at a major games site is shining a light on this problem.

Two Ways To Think About Nothing
Not about games, specifically, but about art, generally.

Molyneux: Milo was too emotional for the games industry
Yet more Molyneux, but look at that headline. Who could resist the chance to link to an article like that? Pete's full quote is as insane as you'd hope, although he kind of has a point. (But still.)

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