18 March 2012

Sunday Free Game - Mega Miner

Jeez, these weekend segments need better names. Terrible!

This week's game is not terrible. It's not great either, but I played a lot of it, so that's something, I guess.

There's not too much to say about Mega Miner. It's harmless. It's about as fun as Solitaire, which is to say, not fun at all, but there's an appeal in reducing a complicated mess to something neat and orderly. Solitaire gives you a shuffled deck and asks you to sort it; Mega Miner gives you a shadowy plot of dirt and gems and asks you to dig through it. It's mindless and repetitive, but pushing that little drill to and fro helped clear my brain when I was stuck while writing this week's articles. I left it open in a second window, and clicked on it when I needed a minute to think. After a few days, I had mined every square of dirt.

Again, nothing special, but it was a gentle reminder that the "upgrade" genre isn't so bad. I needed that after Burrito Bison Revenge filled me with such bile.

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